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Nordic Hotel Forum

Once again, summer’s here! We have made our contribution to bring as much diversity to your summer as possible. I am glad to invite you to several distinguished summer events that we are sponsoring; likewise, you are welcome on our summer terrace to enjoy the lively and romantic atmosphere of Tallinn.

Wishing you a wonderful summer,
Feliks Mägus
Chairman of the Board, Nordic Hotels OÜ


We are Estonia’s first superior four-star hotel

There are many four-star hotels in Estonia but the Nordic Hotel Forum is the first one to be certified by the Estonian Association of Hotels and Restaurants as a superior four-star hotel.

We earned the superior level because in addition to all the features of a four-star hotel, we offer much more that makes a stay with us the best: a leisure centre with pool, noise-controlled doors and windows, à la carte breakfast, quaint ambiance, and excellent furnishings.
Though a star rating is not mandatory for Estonian hotels, we know customers see it as very important. We are dedicated to providing our visitors with a consistently high-quality service and all-around comfort. We promise not to stay resting on our laurels but to put in even more effort in to providing you with the highest quality service now and in the future.
We won an award of the best hotel/convention centre

One of our missions is to organise worthy cultural events. This was the reason the Estonian Minister of Culture Rein Lang awarded us with the title of Friend of Culture last February. Moreover, our activities supporting culture are noticed not only by the local culture enthusiasts.
At this year’s The Yearly Music Conference Awards of The Great Escape festival in Brighton, the Tallinn Music Week was awarded the best hotel/convention centre title that goes to the festival accommodation provider, the Nordic Hotel Forum. It was not the first time for the Tallinn Music Week to be recognised at this reputable event – a year ago it was titled as the best new small convention.
It was highlighted that our hotel is just a short walk away from all the happenings and that it features a leisure centre and pool with a view of downtown as a special bonus for all the foreign guests of the event.
We have sponsored the Tallinn Music Week from its start – in fact, we see it as the most important cultural event of the year. We and our visitors enjoy the special atmosphere that the convention creates in our hotel. We congratulate the Tallinn Music Week for this significant recognition and we are looking forward to our future co-operation.
Concierge services at our hotel

We have done everything to accommodate your stay with us, but you still may need to run some errands around the city.
Even though our hotel is conveniently located right in the heart of Tallinn, what do you do when you need to visit places further than a walk away? Or after everything is taken care of and there’s time for leisure, where would you go in an unfamiliar city?
Don’t worry, because you’ll have a great team of multilingual young ladies from Travelease at your service in our lobby, across the from the reception desk.
They will help you find a solution to any of your transportation needs – among many other things; get you public transport passes and helicopter tickets, find the right carrier or even rent a limousine for you. They will also provide you with information about exciting events in Tallinn and in its surroundings or suggest some pastime activities to you to remember – from romantic outings to engaging sightseeing tours or exciting motorised adventures.

We hope that this option will make your stay in Tallinn even more rewarding and memorable!
Seaplane Harbour and TV tower are expecting visitors

Now there are even more reasons to visit Tallinn because it has two new exciting places that will definitely keep everyone entertained. You are invited to visit the Seaplane Harbour with its one-of-a-kind hangars in the world, and the tallest structure in Estonia – the Tallinn TV tower offering plenty of thrills and entertainment with its many features.
The Seaplane Harbour itself is an architectural gem but you can also meet some authentic legends here: Lembit, Estonia’s first submarine celebrating its 80th birthday this year; Suur Tõll (Toell the Great), a steamer-icebreaker; and Short 184, a water plane – all of them having been housed in these hangars in the 1920s and 1930s. Moreover, there is a multitude of stimulating nautical challenges in store for you.
The 314 metre tall Tallinn TV tower was erected for the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow. Now, the tower has been reopened, and besides awe-inspiring views from its observation deck at 170 metres high where you will be lifted just in 49 seconds, it also offers several exciting exhibitions and activities. To name a few, you can enjoy 3D films or prepare a video greeting at the TV studio on the first floor and send it off to a friend on another side of the world.
You are invited to visit these amazing places. Please visit our website to find a suitable package for your stay.
Google Maps brings our hotel even closer

For centuries humankind has hoped for the world to become a better place. The 20th century, when travelling became much easier and electronics developed in leaps and bounds, is proof of this.
Currently, we don’t even have to leave our computers to learn about far-away places. Gone are the days when one would have an unpleasant surprise to find out that the hotel which was described to be situated in the best district of a city is actually next to a dump, morgue, or scrap yard.
Our hotel is located at point zero of Tallinn – in the middle of the downtown. Anyone with some doubts can now easily check it out with Google Maps. Better than that – come visit us yourself by staying overnight or enjoying delicious food at our hotel. For, no matter how good Google Maps is, seeing is believing!
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