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Nordic Hotel Forum

We are pleased to say that PÖFF (the Black Nights Film Festival) has the support of long-term partners like the Nordic Hotel Forum as well as some new partners whose outlook on life and values are very positive. It is very reassuring when your sponsors become close partners who understand and care about each other, and are always prepared to look for solutions together in changing conditions.
In spring 2012 when we met with all of our partners individually to look back at the last year and think about the new one, we all came up with many great ideas that we wanted to share with other partners as well. That’s how we decided that we should try and start a new tradition, where all partners meet to exchange ideas. That’s how the PÖFF Friends Club came about, and the Nordic Hotel Forum is also a member.

Neeme Kari
Managing Director, PÖFF


Lunch can be more than a fast feed

Nobody has time for long lunches these days. That’s why people usually eat in places where they can get their food fast. But fast is generally not tasty or healthy.
However, we and our chef Oleg Alasi are convinced that it doesn’t have to be like this. This is why we have prepared a new, personal and varied lunch menu, which can be served and enjoyed in no more than 45 minutes. Lunch in our restaurant is made fast by the starter buffer, which consists of cold snacks and salad components, soup of the day, cold sauces and fresh bread. In addition to the cold buffer we also offer a main course every day, which is either salmon ragoût cooked at low temperature, moose and wild boar stew with currant wine, or something equally delicious. And the lunch break must of course end with a dessert, which is either a chocolate and nut cake, jellied blueberry soup, or something equally enjoyable. Not only are these dishes healthy, but they are also made using as many local Estonian ingredients as possible.
Come and enjoy a healthy lunch break in our restaurant!
Sample our Christmas menu early during the Tallinn Restaurant Week

The first week of November this year is a week of good food, as the Tallinn Restaurant Week takes place from 1 to 7 November. The event focuses on the excellent and quality food that Tallinn has to offer. Our hotel’s Monaco Restaurant is one of the places where great food like this can be enjoyed.
During this year’s Tallinn Restaurant Week, our restaurant offers everyone the chance to get the first taste of our Christmas menu. It is a great opportunity to make the right and final selection about your Christmas dinner in good time – it may be hard to believe, but the end of the year is already around the corner.
The lunch menu, which consists of a main course made of guinea fowl and a delicious dessert, costs only 10 euros. The exceptional dinner, which consists of a lightly salted salmon starter, a main course of leg of pork cooked for 24 hours and vodka-enriched sauerkraut, and sea buckthorn parfait for dessert, costs just 20 euros.
This is a great offer! However, Tallinn Restaurant Week lasts for seven days only, so don’t miss it! Call the Tallinn Restaurant Week reservation helpline on + 372 630 4050 to book a table for lunch or dinner.
PÖFF is here for the 16th time!

It’s time for our local film festival again! The 16th PÖFF (Black Nights Film Festival) is held from 12 to 28 November.
Similar to previous years, PÖFF is the best time to enjoy the newest and most original films from all over the world, because films of this kind are shown everywhere in Tallinn during the two and a half weeks of the festival. The 16th PÖFF consists of the main programme, three sub-festivals, and a film and co-production market. The main programme of the festival once again focusses on European films. Other events include the Just Film Children and Youth Film Festival, Animated Dreams Animation Film Festival, and Sleepwalkers Student and Short Film Festival. The PÖFF Industry Days for film professionals, which this year cooperates with the Estonian Film Cluster to bring top Asian and North American cinema specialists, from producers who have won awards at Cannes and Berlin to directors of film funds and festivals, to Tallinn. The festival gives them the chance to talk about their experiences and look into cooperation opportunities with Estonia, Northeastern Europe and Scandinavian countries. A new addition to the festival is a film investment training course, which will be carried out by the Finnish digital agency Klok that raised more than one million euros for the notorious movie Iron Sky from the audiences.
Exciting, isn’t it? We are pleased that we have contributed to keeping the PÖFF tradition going and bringing all this to Tallinn, because we are the official hotel of the film festival again this year. This is why we feel we have a special connection with PÖFF. Similar to previous years, we will once again give you recommendations about the very best films of the festival that you really shouldn’t miss.
New delicious menu in the lobby bar

Autumn has definitely arrived. This is why you should spend your time somewhere cosy where the sofas are soft, the fireplace is on, and you have the full attention of the servicing staff.
Our lobby bar is one of these places, and our new menu makes spending time there even more enjoyable. And it doesn’t offer gourmet food for evenings alone, as guests can also enjoy a bowl of soup or a snack with a refreshing drink during the day.

Sounds good? It is! Come over and enjoy!
Exhibition ‘Fashion and Cold War’ in Kumu

It may seem that the Soviet times were cold, grey and dark, and to be perfectly honest, it is difficult to remember anything bright from those days, although women have always tried to look fashionable and beautiful. Estonia was the westernmost, and also the most western-minded, republic of the Soviet Union. Although the country was separated from the rest of the world by the Iron Curtain, the women here stood out with their clothes, which were similar to those worn in the West.
This is the aspect introduced by our long-term partner Kumu with the exhibition ‘Fashion and Cold War’, which is open until 20 January next year. The main focus of the exhibition is on fashion and the related phenomena in the Estonia of the 1950s to 1970s, and it offers exciting insight into the life of Soviet Estonian women and their dialogue with Western fashion. This exhibition elegantly blends the politics and fashion of those days, because beautiful Estonian women were not the only ones making the effort to improve their image with the help of fashion from the 1950s to the 1960s – the system itself was trying to do the same. This is why the legendary Tallinn Fashion House was created in 1957 in order to influence the way Soviet people looked and get ahead of the West.
‘Fashion and Cold War’ is certainly one of the most interesting exhibitions in Tallinn right now. It is certainly worth a visit, or even a special visit to Tallinn. Just keep in mind that Kumu is open from Wednesday to Sunday every week, but the Nordic Hotel Forum always offers you accommodation!
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