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Nordic Hotel Forum

Thank you! You are the best. I have been around the world and have stayed at many hotels but you are the best. Best staff! Best breakfast. Best owners. I look forward to the next time I visit Nordic Hotel Forum – my home away from home.

Philip D. Hamilton
Soloist, Pat Metheny Group (USA)

Celebrate the start of the new school year with a special buffet lunch!

The importance of the 1st of September – also known in these parts as Knowledge Day – is hard to overstate: it not only marks the start of each new school year, but is a kind of farewell to summer, even though the calendar says that the season lasts almost a full month longer!

But it is a particularly important day of course for those who are starting school. It’s a big change in their lives – they’re no longer just kids, but school kids! Think back to your own first day at school: although a lot’s undoubtedly happened in your lives since then that’s given you happy memories, we bet you remember that day like it was yesterday.

If your child is starting school this year, why not make their first day as enjoyable as possible? Come and join us at our hotel restaurant, Monaco, where head chef Oleg Alasi has prepared a special buffet in honour of Knowledge Day! Kids will love the fun starters and mains and the cool desserts while enjoying healthy drinks – the perfect way to make their first day at school even more memorable, for them and for you!

Our Knowledge Day buffet is sure to make starting school as fun as it possibly can be!
More information: forum@nordichotels.eu

‘SONG OF FREEDOM’ joins hearts

Whether because Tallinn is European Capital of Culture in 2011 or for some other reason, the calendar was full of fantastic cultural events in August. One of the biggest and most laudable, bringing together Estonians all over the country, was the ‘Song of Freedom’ concert held at the Song Festival Grounds.

The concert was held on 20 August to mark the 20th anniversary of the restoration of Estonia’s independence – an event truly worthy of celebration. The Song Festival Grounds were the logical choice of venue not merely because of their size, but because it was there that the country’s ‘singing revolution’ began, eventually leading to the restoration of our independence.

In addition to celebrating the freedom we now enjoy and the progress we’ve made over the last two decades, the concert brought together a wide range of stars from Estonia and abroad. Justament and Riho Sibul – stars of the singing revolution – took to the stage alongside popular younger talent such as Vaiko Eplik, Jaak Johanson, Chalice, Dagö and Ewert & the Two Dragons. International artists included Irish superstar Sinead O’Connor, Sami revolutionary Mari Boine from Norway, Finnish accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen – with pro wrestlers and an orchestra! – and the enormously popular Latvian pop/rock ensemble Brainstorm. The cherry on the cake was a surprise performance by Estonia’s biggest international star, Kerli, who was accompanied by renowned local pianist Rein Rannap.

A big thank you to all of the organisers for such a great event!

Stay with us via Facebook

You’d be hard pressed to find anyone today who’s never heard of Facebook – it’s used every day by people of all ages, many of them extremely creative in what they do. And it’s not merely somewhere for people to chat to one another and post jokes, but somewhere you can get practical things done, easily and enjoyably.

We’re fully aware of how popular Facebook is, and the options it provides. We have two very active fan pages, and we’ve come to realise that in addition to obtaining ordinary information, people would also like to be able to book rooms through them. There’s no point redirecting people to our own website just to go and do the same thing there they could do on Facebook, which is why we’ve launched the Nordic Hotel Forum Facebook application – allowing you to book yourself a room directly through the site.

Take a look at how it works here. If you like what you see and you’ve not yet friended us, click on ‘Like’ so that you can keep up to date with our latest news.

Earn frequent flyer points while you stay with us!

Stay with us and earn yourself frequent flyer points!
To date, our guests have been earning points as part of the Finnair Plus, Czech Airlines, Lufthansa and KLM frequent flyer programmes – all just for staying with us.
Also jetting about the skies above Estonia are the neon-green planes of airBaltic, which connect Tallinn to cities all over Europe and the world, and vice versa. And now you can earn frequent flyer points with the Latvian carrier, just like with the other airlines, while staying with us!
The airline’s frequent flyer programme is known as BalticMiles, and as with other similar programmes allows travellers to exchange the points they’ve earned for whatever catches their eye: the latest high-tech innovation designed to make travelling even more comfortable perhaps, or some kind of service you need – anything from hiring a car to a luxurious beauty treatment.
We’re very happy to say that all of our guests will now be able to earn BalticMiles while staying with us. To do so, just make sure you show your BalticMiles card whenever you pay for something at the hotel.
If you don’t yet have a card, getting one couldn’t be easier – you can fill in an application form right here during your stay at Nordic Hotel Forum!
For further information about anything to do with the BalticMiles programme, call +372 630 6660. The operators will be able to answer your questions in English, Russian or Estonian.
Earn BalticMiles at Nordic Hotel Forum! Book your accommodation here or here.

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