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Nordic Hotel ForumNordic Hotel Forum
Nordic Hotel Forum

The thing I like most about the Nordic Hotel Forum is the love of culture, which has given the people of Tallinn the chance to take part in several world class cultural events! The creativity, kindness and helpfulness of the hotel staff, who can always find the best solution to every situation, has been of great assistance to the Nordic Symphony Orchestra. This is not something you see every day and I am pleased that Those Who Think Big stick together.

Anu Tali, Conductor 

Monaco Restaurant among top restaurants again

Our hotel’s Monaco Restaurant has always figured in the top half of the rankings since the preparation of the list of the best Estonian restaurants started.
Things are no different this year. This achievement is based on the work and talent of our great head chef, Oleg Alasi.
Thanks to him, the menu of the Monaco Restaurant is now taking brave turns like fashion without compromising on taste and quality.
Every new menu offers a new look, new ideas and new tastes. Enjoying these tastes makes you feel that the previous tastes really were from last season’s collection.
We promise that our Monaco Restaurant will continue surprising you with food collections that look new and are full of unexpected nuances.

From Nordic Hotel Forum to Monaco

Our hotel has a friendly relationship with Monaco, because the Honorary Consulate of the Principality of Monaco in Estonia is located here. This is why his Royal Highness the Sovereign Prince of Monaco Albert II always stays in our hotel when he visits Tallinn.
His Royal Highness will also come on an official visit to Tallinn to give the start signal at the Tallinn–Monte Carlo electric car marathon on 2 June, as he is the patron of the competition. This is not the first race of its kind; it’s an 80-year old tradition, which has been rekindled.
This is not the first time when something that has never been seen before happens at the Tallinn–Monte Carlo race. For example, Lord Clifford started the same race in 1931 with this Gardner-Diesel-Bentley that had a 5.5-litre diesel engine and was the first racing car with a diesel engine in Europe.
This year, electric cars will cover more than 3000 km during the race. They will drive through eight countries and 24 cities. The competitors will stop to rest and to charge the batteries. All of the cars in the race are mass-produced and what makes the race exciting is that the drivers have to stick to the traffic rules when driving, but still get to the finish at a certain time. Points will be deducted for getting there early or late!

It is great that our hotel supports this new initiative, and it is easy for electric cars to charge their batteries in our car park.

Russian avant-garde shows itself in Kumu Art Museum

The year of culture has offered art lovers many great events. The Kumu Art Museum, which has been open for five years now, is one of the temples of culture that has given its visitors many interesting moments.
This museum of art, which is the biggest and most modern in the Baltic States, introduces Estonian art from the 18th century to today in its main collection. It is also the venue of many international festivals and exhibitions of renowned international artists, such as the immortal master Miro or another big start of world art.
This summer, Kumu has something for everyone who loves Russian avant-garde from the first half of the 20th century. Museumgoers can admire the tragedy and emotions of Russian avant-garde masters in the large hall of Kumu. The exhibition is based on the collections of the National Russian Museums and focuses on the works of one of the most original masters of avant-garde art Pavel Filonov (1883-1941). His arts is complemented by the works of Kasimir Malevich, Wassily Kandinsky, Isaak Brodsky and other masters, who need no introduction to people who have any idea about the history of art.
The nearest place where you could see the works of Russian avant-gardists at such a level is St Petersburg, but you need a visa to get there. So this is definitely an exhibition everyone who loves culture should visit.

We are pleased that we could help organise this art event.

Exclusive concert of Jethro Tull's leader Ian Anderson in Tallinn

Do you still remember the legendary Jethro Tull? The band that was founded in 1967, that mixed progressive rock with folk music in its immortal songs and became famous all over the world.
The founder of Jethro Tull will now perform in Tallinn. He doesn’t perform much outside the United Kingdom by on 12 October this year, you all have the chance to see him and his new band in Nokia Concert Hall. Anderson only performs in Estonia and Finland in this tour cycle. The music of Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull written over four dozens of years will be performed at the exclusive concert in Tallinn.
This concert is certain to delight all music fans as in addition to the guitar, Anderson also plays the harmonica, saxophone, mandolin, keyboards and the instrument that he is best known for – the flute. Anderson balancing on one foot whilst playing the flute is one of the most iconic symbols of rock music.

Straw Theatre welcomes you

Tallinn is a city full of ideas! In addition to Skype, we now have the Straw Theatre as well.
It was a few years ago that artist Ene-Liis Semper started dreaming about a modern city installation made of straw, surrounded by a public space and used to show modern culture from the world and Estonia. There was poetry in this dream. Also, it was the time when energy-saving building methods were becoming popular. The idea to build a straw theatre began to take root.
Now the Straw Theatre is ready and welcomes you on the historical Skoone bastion. It is curated by Theatre NO99, which is known for its innovative and though-provoking productions.
The exciting this is that theatres are usually built for years, but the Straw Theatre will only be there for five months. Theatre companies and artists from Estonia and abroad will perform there in addition to Theatre NO99.
So be quick, because the Straw Theatre's stay here is even shorter than the year of culture!

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